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We, at Pink Power Technology, know that Indians are hard-working. We've noticed an alarming increase in the number of workaholics in our cities and a subsequent deterioration of mental health. As a tribute to the hard-working Indian we've decided to bring 'peace of mind' to the table! Our high tech lifestyle products are designed to provide information that puts you at ease and improves your quality of life.

Vehicle Tracking Systems
Knowledge is beautiful! Experience serenity and the power of knowledge with Hawkeye Vehicle Tracking Systems; never lose anything again!

Home and Business Servers
Delivering ultimate peace of mind and unlimited remote access, Gateman's smart lifestyle servers are the perfect option for home and business surveillance, file sharing, electrical automation and much, much more!
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Green and Renewable Energy solutions
The world is going green, what about you? The time has come to get the power we need without stripping the earth of its' dignity! Come be a part of pink - the new green.
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