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"I have known Joel for a long period of time and have enjoyed his work and his professionalism. I wish him all the best always."
Mehul Choksi
CMD, Gitanjali Gems,
"What distinguishes PPT from others is the way they believe in and stand behind their technology. With knowledgeable engineers and impeccable services PPT delivers the exact standard promised and their products function accurately and efficiently."
Kishor Virani
Chairman, KARP Group,
“I have known Joel Cardoso for the past 6 years. He was the main driving force for the success of Excel Laser Technology (Pvt) Ltd. His vision and hard work would be an asset in his new venture. I wish him all success for the future.”
David Dominic
President, Excel Tech,
Sri Lanka.
“I have known Joel for more than 10 years. He is one of the best, talented and hardworking individual (and friend) in the industry. He always shoots for the best and quality products in the market to make sure it's satisfying customers above and beyond. Joel being president of Excel Technology India and his ability to understand and demonstrate cutting edge technology equipments such as Laser "Quantronix Corp" was able to reach hi-tech Industrial, Professionals and Researchers to deliver our products in all over India. Him leading this business, I am sure he will deliver hi-tech and quality products to his customers. I wish him all the very best with his new venture.”
Thangarajah Sivapokaran
Director, Quantronix Corp.,
"PPT has successfully marketed Gateman to many clients in the jewellery and lifestyle sectors. Joel’s insight into product technologies together with his pointed suggestions for augmenting product features to improve user perception and value set him in a class of his own. I would honestly recommend Joel to other businesses looking for a marketing partner."
Glenn Baptista
CEO, Gateman Integrated Security,
“PPT India has worked relentlessly to customize our product and introduce it to our target market. In a short time, we were able to sell an unprecedented number of units through Joel’s efforts. He has helped us build a strong customer base, including several repeat sales with his intuitive marketing perception. As a marketer, he cannot sit still, he’s always thinking and always innovating for his clients; making him a truly outstanding person to work with.”
Quentin DeSouza
CEO, HawkEye VTS,
“I am proud to have worked with Joel and known him as a person. His achievements can be attributed to his management style, integrity, intuition and practicality. He is a talented business leader and advisor who has the knowledge, ability and skills to manage top-performing multinational teams through difficult, and often conflicting, circumstances - this is evidenced by his success during this economic downturn. Joel creates a strong loyalty with his peers and subordinates, and he is a capable and effective communicator. He drives very high customer satisfaction. His commitment to his family, his personnel and his clients is obvious and outstanding.”
Les Correia
Senior Manager,
Global IT Security Operations,
Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
“One thing very clearly noticed about Joel is his honesty/ transparency in his dealings (a rare attribute these days), you can bank on keeping his word and play fair at all times. Despite having some reverses and being short changed, he has never shown a revengeful trait and has instead decided to move on without malice. He is also intelligent, very hard working and generous. I wish him all the best in his new adventure.”
Ivor Fonsceca
United Phosphorous Limited,
“Joel is a fine young man & a successful businessman - intelligent, determined, persevering & ambitious. He has made it to the top by his own efforts, hard work, inspiring dedication & although he's been through tough times, he's come out strong & determined. We believe that Joel is the kind of person who will ensure that whatever project he undertakes will succeed &  grow from strength to strength. We have full confidence in his inherent abilities, his tenacity of purpose & his zest for work. May his endeavours continue to be blessed.”
Dr. Mrs. Elaine Ann Charles
M.A. M.Ed. Ph.D,
Former Principal St. Xavier's Institute of Education,
Mumbai, India.
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