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Vehicle Tracking Systems

With over 15 years in the industry, QDnet has carefully integrated GPS, GSM and web technologies to develop an outstanding range of tracking and control products that are trusted by prominent companies across India. The product line includes:

  1. Personal Trackers: These light-weight GPS-GSM based devices are designed to be small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag and can be used to track senior citizens, young children, pets, personnel (sales force, field experts, lone workers, etc.) and important bags / packages. Some key features are an emergency button, customized SMS alerts, geo fencing, speed alerts and location updates.
  2. Vehicle Trackers: When you have a nice car, it can be like your baby. With Hawkeye Vehicle Tracking Systems, you can track, locate and control your car from anywhere in the world - TLC for your vehicle! Some key features are web access, multiple users, customized SMS alerts, geo fencing, speed alerts, location updates, computed odometer readings and more.
  3. Fleet Management Systems: This is the perfect solution for companies with expensive mobile assets. QDnet's VTS systems have been proven to improve efficiency and increase revenue through streamlined processes, higher accountability, better resource management and informed decision making. Some key features are strategic information reports, geo fencing, specialized alerts, remote siren and immobilizer.
  4. GIS Solutions: QDnet's Hawkeye GPS has been utilized to create specialized spatial data infrastructures in different parts of the world. Qdnet creates their own GIS Maps, so creating customized geo-referenced information databases for other companies is easy.
  5. School Bus Trackers: Parents in Indian cities are always on edge because their children's school buses are forever in transit. As a parent, wouldn't you like to know where your kid's bus is? This system was built to support multiple user logins, emergency alerts, system administrators and it can be customized (using barcode readers or RFID) to incorporate attendance.

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