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Smart Lifestyle Servers

Imagine always having your world at your finger tips, from anywhere in the world! With features like surveillance, text alerts, electrical automation, email, file sharing and much more accessible from your cell phone, laptop or any other source of internet, it's clear that Gateman's Home and Business Servers have been ergonomically designed to placate even the most rigid control freak.

Gateman's specialized servers are customized with easily available and inexpensive devices to allow access to everything in your home or at your business premises, through your mobile phone or laptop, including:

  1. Secure access to all your data including emails, documents, music, movies, photographs and security videos from the property
  2. Live video of your premises
  3. Text alerts on security alarms with immediate live/recorded video
  4. Control of electrical devices from anywhere in the world
  5. NAS box access from all computers and network media players on the LAN
  6. Restricted access for friends and relatives as required
  7. A highly personalized desktop that will be the envy of your friends and enemies alike

What's more - this system can be assembled by anyone with basic IT skills and every part required is easily available over the internet. In entirety, all the hardware and software required can be obtained for under a USD 1000 and setup in one weekend.

See all that you can do with the system though the diagram below, or play with a live demo!

Pink Power Technology introduces Gateman's smart lifestyle servers to make peace of mind easily accessible. So what are you waiting for? Make an inquiry now!

You can also visit the developer's website.
Or download a PDF for more info.

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